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Keeping up to date in the world of best nascar betting sites can be a very tedious job, we provide news, and information about betting on nascar. Plus a list of the best offshore sportsbooks, price per head software providers, that cater to nascar bettors with the hopes of you finding one that meets your expectations.

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    When hunting down a book to get down on the fastest sport in America, it can be a real challenge. We are here to tell you where to bet NASCAR. Everyone knows that it's incomparable when hunting for a sport as fast as NASCAR. Still, when you find the sport available on a sportsbook, there is no shock that you'll be jumping for joy as your favorit

    NASCAR has a legion of fans all over the United States that are devoted to the sport like no other fans. Ten years, or even further back in time, say right after the untimely death of Dale Earnhardt; the sport saw an influx of fans like never before seen. This sport used to be one that was never televised and if it was, you certainly couldn’t fin

    Betting Basics for NASCAR written by: da1prophet At one point, betting on NASCAR auto racing was a 'niche' sport of limited appeal. Even as the sport grew in popularity betting interest lagged. In the past decade, that's all changed--NASCAR betting has entered the realm of 'major sports'. The good news is that there are more NASCAR betting opportun

    NASCAR betting is just like any other sport--you have to put in a lot of handicapping work in order to have long term success. The good news is that few sports offer as much 'mission critical' statistical information for the bettor as NASCAR. There are not only in-depth statistics available for every race but also for qualifying and practices. In a

While there are not as many NASCAR bet types as there are other sports, there is still no lack of options when betting on the track. Many people think that they can only bet on the race winner and while that is the most popular bet there are many more as well.

In NASCAR just like with any other type of sports betting you want to get the best odds possibleto get the best payout. To do this, you need to do a little homework to check out different sportsbooks to see what the most favorable odds are for the race you want to wager on.

Between books, the odds will not vary that much but play at the book that gives you the best odds, which will translate to the best payout. Win Bet

In NASCAR the most popular bet is simply betting a driver to win a race. The sportsbooks will have the lineup for the race and you bet on the driver that you think will win. Here is an example of a win bet in NASCAR:

Kyle Busch +400
Kevin Harvick +500
Jimmie Johnson +650
Matt Kenseth +700

In this example, there are just four drivers listed, but in the full bet, you will see all the drivers in a specific race. In the above example, Kyle Busch is the favorite at +400 and in using $100 as an example, you can bet the amount you want if you think he will win the race you will have to bet $100 to win $400. Often you will see a Field bet at the end, and that bet is betting on any driver to win the race that does not have posted odds.

Place and Show Bet

The place and show bet are easy bets to understand, as in the place bet a driver has to finish in the top two in a race and in the show bet they have to finish in the top 3. These bets do not have as good as a payout as the winner bet, but they still have good ones, as it is not easy to pick a
driver to finish in the top two or three spots in a race.

Driver vs. Driver

The driver vs. driver bet is a head-to- head bet where the sportsbook will have odds posted for two drivers, and you pick the one you think will have the higher finish. Here is an example of a
driver vs. driver bet:
Kyle Busch (-120) vs. Kevin Harvick (+140)

In this bet, the total outcome of the race does not matter, as you are merely picking what driver will have the better finish, Busch or Harvick. Busch is the favorite in this match up denoted by the – in front of the number while Harvick is the underdog signified by the + in front of the number. Also, in this bet, Busch is the slight favorite with a less favorable payout, as you need to wager $120 on him to win $100 as opposed to betting $100 to win $140 on Harvick.

Other Racing Bet Types

There are also many proposition bets, simply called prop bets, that you could make on NASCAR. A prop bet does not have to do with the outcome of the race rather the more detailed parts of a race. There are race and driver proposition bets such as what driver will have the pole, will there be over/under five yellow flags in a race, or what driver will lead the race for the most laps.

What is interesting about NASCAR is that there are even wagers, mostly prop bets, that you can make and cash in on before the race even begins. There are qualifying types of bets that you make on drivers for the action before the main event.

One of the most popular types of betting these days is live betting, which is where you are making bets on an event as it happens live. Nascar Live betting is becoming more available at many of the top sportsbooks that offer NASCAR betting. The odds will always change in live betting depending on what is happening in the race.

Now you are ready to make some racing bets. We gave you a high-level overview of how NASCAR betting works, now go win some money!

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