2015 Upcoming With Daytona Less Than 100 Days Away

A new format last year had most of the fans and even some of the old guard applauding the results it generated.  Relevance was increased as more late events took on even greater meaning.  This format should do well in the future as NASCAR looks for ways to peak past the saturation that some feel the sport is at right now.  Now that all the turmoil is in the rearview mirror, we can see where we should start in 2015.  ApexNASCARbetting have a few candidates to examine right away.  Why overwork yourself divining the whole field when you can start with our quality free picks.  Without much further ado, let us peak ahead to 2015 and revel that Daytona is closer than we think.

Closers that Will Carry Over to 2015

Momentum has a had time carrying over from the end of one season to the next.  However 2014 had two emphatic statements of people delivering under pressure.  Kevin Harwick and Brad Keselowski came through in the clutch when the chips were on the table for them.  This is the type of driver you want to immediately go with for your handicapping work in 2015.  Why reinvent the wheel and peer at every driver and their situations.  These two are relevant and reply well to adverse circumstances.  They should be on your short list to find out when to go with them in the first few upcoming races in the New Year.

NASCAR Daytona 2015

Even the Elite Must Tail Off

Jimmie Johnson and the streak he had in the summer of 2014 was all the talk on the circuit for months.  The zone was near effortless.  Events conspired for him and he took advantage of almost everyone of them.  Here is someone that you can profit or break your bankroll on.  Trying to predict that next win of his could drain valuable units.  However, once he gets that first one, positive expectation will flow on almost every race wager imaginable for him immediately afterward.  Most people prefer to be proactive but this is one of the rare circumstances that being reactive is more prudent.  The books will be slow on the uptake on this one.  Perch and wait my friend like a vulture to feast on the scraps.  Wait on Johnson until he strikes it rich in 2015.

Daytona Just Around the Corner

When the calendar reaches double digits, talk of Daytona is on the lips of people and we are still in 2014.  Kyle Larson is emerging as a dark horse candidate to do well and possibly take it at Tona.  Oddly, his talent is not in question as much as the people who he has surrounded himself with.  It is a cause of concern for many teams but to have it out in the open about Larson’s team is an oddity.  A great cause of concern or just a personality conflict.  Lay off Larson early in 2015 to see how the whole thing gels or falls apart.

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