Best NASCAR Sportsbooks for Beginners

These are the best NASCAR sportsbooks for beginners.

Key Points

– A good NASCAR sportsbook can make a difference when betting on racing.

– HRWager and 1Vice are among the best NASCAR sportsbooks for beginners.

Best NASCAR Sportsbooks for Beginners

When betting on NASCAR, the first thing you need to do is become familiar with the drivers. The following step is to become acquainted with the betting market. Finally, bettors need to become acquainted with the online sportsbooks at which you will place your wagers on the races.

NASCAR drivers are considered to be in a partnership with the cars that they drive. Bettors have the most interest in the Cup Series because it has the most well-known drivers and the most races overall. 

The most well-known and often used online sportsbooks for wagering on these races are HRWager and 1Vice.

NASCAR Cup Series Drivers

There were approximately forty drivers who competed in the most recent Cup Series. Most bettors are probably only familiar with about 10 to 12 of the best competitors. 

In the most recent Cup Series, there are 41 drivers included in the standings. Each racing season, the top 16 drivers qualify for the playoffs, formerly known as the Chase for the Cup.  NASCAR also officially names a regular season champion. That is the driver with the most regular season points.

In the weeks running up to the Cup Series championship event, the 16 drivers will be ranked into groups of 12, 8, and 4 final drivers, respectively. The Championship 4 race typically occurs in early November and marks the culmination of the racing season.


The Betting Markets 

The overall race winner is by far the most common type of bet placed on Cup Series events. Bettors wager on the driver they think will win a given race. 

Picking the winner of a Cup Series race is extremely difficult. For any given race, there are usually five to six drivers that are the top favorites to win. One plus for bettors is that they can get some pretty favorable odds.

It’s not uncommon to see an overall race favorite at +1000 odds. Other favorites may be as high as +2000. While the odds are great, picking a winner is tough. Any one of several drivers could emerge and take the top spot. Engine troubles and accidents are a big part of racing and can kill a wager in an instant. 

For each race, there are approximately five or six drivers that are considered to be the favorites to win in the Cup Series. There are an additional five or six competitors who will also be in the hunt for first place. Understanding this is one of the betting basics for racing.

This is why betting to finish in the Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, or even Top 20  is a slightly better wager. The odds won’t be as great, of course, but the chances of winning increase. The odds for the Top 20 Finish will be the lowest, but bettors can still get great payouts when betting on a Top 3 Finish.

Both HRWager and 1Vice, which are among the best NASCAR sportsbooks, offer a number of racing options. They provide a head-to-head betting option for NASCAR Cup Series races so that bettors can determine the winner of the event. 

Other Betting Markets

In head-to-head betting, bettors wager on which of two drivers will finish the highest. The racer doesn’t have to win a race. He only has to finish higher than the competitor. If you bet $100 on Driver A at +105 and he finishes fifth, two spots ahead of Driver B; then you win $105. 

You can also bet on a winner in a group of drivers. Once again, your choice must finish the highest among all of the drivers in the group. 

When it comes to the straight-up finish, the chances are in favor of the most popular drivers. The head-to-head competition between two drivers in the Cup Series is where the odds for the money line are determined. The only race that matters is one driver beating the other driver, and this is the only way to come out on top.

The final type of bets available are known as pre-race prop bets and in-race proposition bets. Cup Series individual race props are among the most common types of wagers that may be placed. On the other hand, there are prop bets that cover all of the racing action that takes place on a given day.

These handicapping tips and strategies can go a long way in making a beginning bettor a consistent winner.

The Best NASCAR Sportsbooks

From the truck series all the way up to the Cup Series, HR Wager and 1Vice bring you all the betting action for NASCAR racing. You can place a wager on the outcome of the race, head-to-head duels, or individual props at any location where odds are posted.

Having access to the best NASCAR sportsbooks – HRWager and 1Vice – can make all the difference when betting on races. Bettors find the best odds for both pre-race and live bets. The customer support is outstanding and the bonuses are even better. 

When it comes to betting on racing, open accounts at HRWager and 1Vice to start your NASCAR betting career.