APEX NASCAR Rates the Hottest Rides and Drivers

With no race this weekend, it is time for reflection at NASCAR.  We are going to look at some drivers that are flowing just fine heading into the Save Mart 350 on the 28th.  Apex NASCAR Betting is also going to peek at what drivers really need wins to clinch their spot at the end of the season.  All of this on tap starts right now.

Fine Form Going in

  1. Martin Truex – The staff really hates having blinders on but he has made us all so much money with top ten wagers.  No one has been on a top ten run since Richard Petty way back in 1969.  It would take a crash to derail this wager the way he is seeing the field.
  2. Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick –  Problems with mechanical issues whether hardware or pit crew keep them tied in this spot.  Possibly driving better than Martin but when a Furniture Row ride beats you like this, it is time to retool next year with new crews.
  3. Joey Logano – Snake bite or short sighted.  Last week he ran out of gas.  Most effected by those around him by far.
  4. Bad Keselowski – The Fords are way behind the Chevrolets this year.  Brad is the best driver of the Fords and proves it by getting his car almost over the technology hump.

Win or Else

Six elusive spots still remain for the sixteen driver field for the Chase.  Last year there were spots still open to fight for but does anyone want to take a chance that the status quo will remain.  Here are those that might go for a little bit beyond broke next week.

  • Jeff Gordon – Final year and nowhere near where he can qualify without a win.  Has retirement talks quelled his fire?  We think so and advise to avoid.
  • Jamie McMurray – Never qualified and with an eleventh as his best finish this year, it is more of a flop than potential untapped.  Another to shun.
  • Ryan Newman – Does he want to work so much harder than everyone else again this time?  He made it very far without winning last year but it was so taxing.  Front and center as someone who will be more valuable than his pre race odds will indicate.

Ryan is the obvious out here but also the easiest one on your wallet.  Others introduce extreme risk to your bankroll.  Want a swing for the fences pre race pick then go for Ryan Newman next week.  Have a great weekend and we will see you next time here at Apex NASCAR Betting.