Betting Big on Bristol 8/22

Cutoff lines and jockeying for position gives this late season race more onus than most as only three qualifying events remain.  Briston is the scene for the Irwin Tools Night Race.  Attention has been given to both consistent drivers and those that came into Michigan hot.  However after last weekend, most handicappers are starting the top of their lists with Matt Kenseth.  His win in Michigan was dominant and that much more impressive considering the depth in the field.  So let us examine the who’s, whats, and where for our Big Bet on Bristol for August 22nd.

How to Rail Your Wager

Before you consider whom to invest on, you should know what block of time to allocate to rail your profit home.  NBCSN has it from Tennessee on Saturday.  A 7:30PM ET start with the standard allotment of time for this race.  So get the beer and other liquid libations in order for this one as we now shift gears to the ones to watch in this broadcast.

Fluke Win?!

Presedence and placement go hand in hand for the top fifteen when consideration is given for the Chase.  The 15th place driver is in great peril as one person can win who has not been in victory lane all year and his efforts are for not.  Clint Bowyer is the double bubble boy this time in.  He has the tettering 15th and not only has to fend off those in the point standings but the winner’s column as well.  Steady as a rock with nine top tens, it just takes one person driving out of his minds to usurp him with three races left to go.

Gordon Gone

People will point at all those laps he has led here in the past as a consideration for wagering on him.  We are here to say pass on him.  He needs a win but Michigan was unkind to him with a 17th place finish.  This from an event where he was the defending champion last year.  Celebrate the career of a legend but do not incinerate your money on him in this one.

Can not deny Kenseth this weekend!  While we do not think that a future for him to win here is the best wager.  APEX NASCAR Betting is leaning more towards the top five wager.  Plunk this down at America’s Bookie to experience the best bet to see your sports portfolio grow.