NASCAR the Hidden Betting Gem

NASCAR has a legion of fans all over the United States that are devoted to the sport like no other fans. Ten years, or even further back in time, say right after the untimely death of Dale Earnhardt; the sport saw an influx of fans like never before seen. This sport used to be one

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is Due

Dale Jr. has defined NASCAR since 1999. People love him and people hate him. NASCAR is one of those sports where people follow the characters. In this case; the characters are the drivers. It’s difficult to find a true NASCAR fan, that doesn’t exclusively follow one driver. This is the nature of NASCAR fans, this

Consideration for a Chase Darkhorse

Chase for the Sprint cup revs up in earnest in just a few short weeks. Naturally, the name on a lot of lips is Kevin Harvick.  His ultra high level of consistency is what has many pegging him as the favorite going in.  APEX NASCAR Betting has looked over all the candidates and has unearthed

Windows 10 400 Winning Wagers

Windows 10 has come hard out of the gate both in the PC world and in NASCAR.  They are the namesake for this Sunday’s event which is the Windows 10 400. With a race time of 1:30 PM, we at APEX NASCAR Betting have had the luxury of scoping ot some of the practices already.

What Happens When Qualifying is Washed Out?

Rainy weather has been known to wreck havoc on the NASCAR circuit.  What happens when the patterns hold up for the entire week.  For a second straight week, torrents of rain forced NASCAR’s hand and canceled qualifying.  What is the contingency plan when this occurs?  APEX NASCAR Betting looks at this scenario as it happened

APEX NASCAR Rates the Hottest Rides and Drivers

With no race this weekend, it is time for reflection at NASCAR.  We are going to look at some drivers that are flowing just fine heading into the Save Mart 350 on the 28th.  Apex NASCAR Betting is also going to peek at what drivers really need wins to clinch their spot at the end

Dover Hosts and Dashes Hopes This Weekend

NASCAR could be going back to the scene of the crime when it comes back to Dover this weekend.  A high profile domestic case once again came up in the mainstream news again.  Who was it and what effect will it have in Dover?  Can Carl Edwards drive like we all know he can after

Benefits of Betting NASCAR at an Online Sportsbook

Geographic limitations are shattered with the benefits of betting NASCAR at an Online sportsbook. Generally in the south and frequent tour stops, locals might be able to be found to field your motor sports speculation. However even in major metropolitan cities, reaching out and placing the wagers you want are difficult. This is now a

Confusing Format For NASCAR All-Star Race in 2015

Casual fans and those that might drink too much are going to have more than a few problems deciphering the rules for this All-Star Race.  This starts with two rounds of qualifying starting at 4:15 PM on Friday.  After that it gets even more complicated.  So follow on as Apex NASCAR Betting will breakdown this

Sponge Bob Invades Kansas and NASCAR Saturday Evening

Sponsorship is the heartbeat for the pulse of many sports.  Most of us are used to odd college football bowl names but now NASCAR has gotten into the money grab.  Toto did not know he was in Kansas when he and racing fans see SpongeBob Squarepants circling the track.  Yes a four hundred mile race