MartinVille, NASCAR, and the Replacement Dog

Most NASCAR fans think with their stomachs.  What had everyone both up in arms and in line was the replacement of old faithful.  We are not talking about a legend as in a person but a hot dog.  Jessie Jones had a hammerlock on this concession going back to the 40’s.  Now Smithfield Foods have

Fade Harvick in Fontana?

Writing about Kevin Harvick got a tad bit tougher now that NASCAR has left Phoenix.  With the circuit visiting Southern California, questions of a hat trick naturally arise.  Winning his last two races, what are his realistic chances here?   Fontana is going to be the last foray on the West Coast for a while.

Watchlist for Winners in March 2015 NASCAR Wagering

For most, 2015 has been watching Kevin Harvick pass them.  While he is a sound pick to Phoenix, there are three other on our watch list to consider.  This handy go to guide is a valuable asset to lean on until the end of March.  So without any further ado, Apex NASCAR Betting presents those

Kobalt 400 Blossoms in Las Vegas

Topsy turvy East Coast weather will be avoided by NASCAR for almost a month as the circuit treks westward.  Their sites stop in the desert with the crown jewel, Las Vegas, hosting the first stop.  With temps in the low 70’s, conditions will be close to ideal for the drivers with no rain in the

Dude Where is My Car and What to Bet This Week in NASCAR

Before Ashton Kutcher got A-List movies, he was starring in That 70’s Shows and starring in films to get his name in lights.  One of them was a b comedy revolving around the two “heroes” reconstructing a wild night and attempting to find their ride.  “Dude Where is My Car?” has been a skit on

Deposit Time For Daytona 500 is Here

Anticipation is a sincere form of flattery.  We have been waiting at our keyboards for this week to arrive.  NASCAR wagering has arrived in earnest with the Daytona 500 taking off this Sunday.  Apex Nascar Betting will be here today and tomorrow to provide coverage, free picks, banter, and rumors.  If your bankroll is running

Prepping for 2015 Sprint Cup Series NASCAR

Less than a few weeks to go and Apex NASCAR Betting can do what we came here for.  That is to talk about current races and make all of us money.  While understanding background issues are vital, it is learning the craft of precise motor sports betting that gets our motors running.  Today we are

Jeff Gordon to Hang It Up After 2015

Racing is coming ever closer but a legend is soon to hang up his racing uniform.  Jeff Gordon has announced that 2015 will be his last.  In other news, NASCAR is opting to exercise their dominion over even more details of the fan’s experience.  Find out what money maker they have placed under control of

NASCAR Hall of Fame Tainted

Snow and ice coat the roads up north.  We beg NASCAR to adapt some more friendly locations like Mexico, Brazil, and other warm American climates.  This sport suffers from being off the road too long.  They are going stir crazy.  Case in point are two key stories this week.  One the wrong action is being

Deck the Halls with Danica

Her skill improved while her rating slipped a bit was the Danica story in 2014.  Apex saw her collect three top tens but was notably absent from poles or even top five finishes.  Atlanta was her hallmark this year where she got a sixth place.  Small incremental gains is better than a year in decline.