Congrats NASCAR Your Early Races Are More Significant!

A more even effort is going to be seen in 2015 and this is a wonderful thing to behold for those who wager NASCAR.  The new format was a hit since its implementation.  A lot of lessons can be gleaned from it but one of the most important is that the early season will have

2015 Upcoming With Daytona Less Than 100 Days Away

A new format last year had most of the fans and even some of the old guard applauding the results it generated.  Relevance was increased as more late events took on even greater meaning.  This format should do well in the future as NASCAR looks for ways to peak past the saturation that some feel

Does Ron Paul Have A Chance?

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Jameis Winston picks up first save for Florida State baseball

He wasn’t playing for the national championship this time, but Jameis Winston came through in another pressure situation for the Florida State Seminoles. Winston, who won the the Heisman Trophy on the gridiron this past season, also plays baseball for the Seminoles. On Saturay, coach Mike Martin brought him in to pitch in the eighth

U.S. women’s hockey team dismantles Sweden, bores viewers, and that’s OK

It devolved from there; the Twitter discussion, generally, was dominated by a pseudo-debate over the merits of a tournament in which the top two teams — the U.S. and Canada — routinely demolish everyone else. That’s a nuanced discussion to have, and it deserves time outside of a routine game recap. Overall, though, it’s possible

2014 Sochi Olympics: Canada needs Drew Doughty OT goal to beat Finland

Doughty broke a scoreless tie midway through the first period and scored the game-winning goal with 2:28 left in overtime, giving the Canadians a 2-1 win over Finland on Sunday. “I don’t know what’s going on,” said Doughty, who has four goals in three Olympic games after scoring just eight times in 59 NHL games