Confusing Format For NASCAR All-Star Race in 2015

Casual fans and those that might drink too much are going to have more than a few problems deciphering the rules for this All-Star Race.  This starts with two rounds of qualifying starting at 4:15 PM on Friday.  After that it gets even more complicated.  So follow on as Apex NASCAR Betting will breakdown this interesting upcoming event.


Part one sees a time twenty minute race.  When the music stops, the top twelve will advance to the second round.  Now the jockeying for position begins.  A five minute sprint will determine the starting order by fastest lap.  For this Friday event, it goes to two twenty lap segments now.  Each winner moves on to the All-Star race.  A fan vote will get a third driver into it automatically.  Now we move to Saturday.


The rest must earn spots with three timed laps.  During it, they must also pit to change all four tires.  Now for the race itself.  Four segments of 25 laps each.  Order reset then 10 laps to determine your finishing order.  Very complicated but there will be no shortage of betting or banter about this one.

So how will all of this fall out in Charlotte.  If they make it, you have to like Martin Truex with his consistency to do well in this one.  The 1.5 miles is one of the better distances for him.  Johnson might not be on his finest edge for this one.  He has won a ton as of late but the gimmicky nature of this might work against him.  Too much huff and puff instead of straight driving for his style.  Now that being said, a cool million to the winner picques the interest of most anyone.  So get in your wagers at America’s Bookie today and have the scorecards ready.  It will be a thrilling and a tad confusing tale to see unfold on Fox this weekend.