Congrats NASCAR Your Early Races Are More Significant!

A more even effort is going to be seen in 2015 and this is a wonderful thing to behold for those who wager NASCAR.  The new format was a hit since its implementation.  A lot of lessons can be gleaned from it but one of the most important is that the early season will have added importance.  Daytona will always be a crown jewel but the rest of the opening races becomes more important.  They are weighted no differently but the drivers are an observant bunch.  What did they see in 2014 that will make them hit the ground running a little bit faster when the calendar turns to 2015?

High Profiled Drivers Used Early Wins to Gain Momentum

Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin used their start of the year wins to guide them through the mess of the year to the coveted eliminators.  Jeff Gordon got off of his losing ways with his early win and he had a resurgent year in 2014.  Gordon was most important as he was whispered as being scrap heap and ended up having his best season in a decade.  However, few used early 2014 to more of their advantage as Kevin Harvick.

Harvick Nascar Fight

Harvick is Holiday Centerpiece in Vegas Dec 2nd Through 5th

Fists and fights are a definite possibility for the fan favorite interaction event during the first week of December.  On the 4th, victory lap burnouts and burnt rubber will be highlighted as they have some fun with their rides.  NASCAR Live from the Wynn Sportsbook will feature an extensive day with prolonged exposure with the champ, Kevin Harvick.  We can get the inside scoop on why he inserted himself in the heated exchange from Gordon and Keselowski.  There are rumors that the ill will is not completely gone and that several will be wanting to assert themselves as the alpha male for 2015. is looking forward to witnessing and reporting on all the going ons in Vegas next week.  With such a high profile sport, the sport suffers somewhat from the Winter break.  The good old boys need some recuperation time but we are itching to get  some wagers down and watch them race once again.  We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and we will see you next week.