Deck the Halls with Danica

Her skill improved while her rating slipped a bit was the Danica story in 2014.  Apex saw her collect three top tens but was notably absent from poles or even top five finishes.  Atlanta was her hallmark this year where she got a sixth place.  Small incremental gains is better than a year in decline.  So ApexNascar will she what 2015 might hold for her while providing some holiday fare Danica style for our eyes in this edition.

Danica Does Daytona II

Two years ago she took the pole.  Hmm let us expand upon this before we get into trouble.  She won the pole position and roared to an eighth at Daytona in 2013.  She used that to propel a successful year and many endorsement deals.  Even though she was better this year, that one shining moment went missing.  Now much like Debbie, NASCAR would like to see a sequel to this performance.  What vexed her this year was her restarts.  It is just not a matter of technique but overall aggression.  This weakness will have to be shored up for any shot of eclipsing her Daytona in 2015.