Deposit Time For Daytona 500 is Here

Anticipation is a sincere form of flattery.  We have been waiting at our keyboards for this week to arrive.  NASCAR wagering has arrived in earnest with the Daytona 500 taking off this Sunday.  Apex Nascar Betting will be here today and tomorrow to provide coverage, free picks, banter, and rumors.  If your bankroll is running low, go to pit row, and reload at Americas Bookie.  Get it in good with this quality offshore sports betting shop.  Now onto the race itself.

Danica Dodges Denny’s Heat?

Almost out before she began, Danica got into a wreck that nearly derailed her in this year’s big one.  The problem can with an apparent lack of fundamentals.  Drafting is an essential skill that accomplishes many positives in the race.  This time Danica was in eight with Denny Hamlin right behind her.  Roaring into Turn Two, Danica’s car slid down the track and then back up where it met an immovable object called a wall.  At first glance, a nudge by Denny appeared to be the culprit.  Danica was wild with indignation over this.  Upon super slow move, it is revealed that Denny never made contact and that Patrick misjudged either the science of the situation or just panicked.  With her mind not being able to accept notions that she cant see at first glance, her head is not in the right place even for a Top Ten here.  avoid her in this race.

Starting Order Leaders


Row One

  • Jeff Gordon
  • Jimmie Johnson

Row Two

  • Little E
  • Kyle Busch

Row Three

  • Joey Logano
  • Carl Edwards

Row Four

  • Tony Stewart
  • Greg Biffle

Row Five

  • Clint Bowyer
  • Martin Truex

We have taken a keen interest in the leader and someone in row five.  It is easy to find compelling reasons to back the legend for one more Daytona 500.  He dominates Daytona International in career wins.  His average finish place of 16.2 is fifth all time.  A wager for him to finish in the top ten should pay off handsomely.

Martin Truex is a story of a racer on the brink.  He lost the sponsorship of his sled.  At the last moment, he got a new ride and has shown good results for this faith.  The Sprint Unlimited saw him lead just under thirty of the laps.  He gave it up at the end but with his WAGS’s health problems, he might pull off the win for a great payday.

So we think that the pole position should finish in the top ten while Martin has that longshot winner written all over him.  Tomorrow we will cover more dimensions at Daytona like the weather.  Thank goodness, NASCAR has returned.  Time to get those free play reloads at America’s Bookie right now.  Rock solid, pays fast, and covers all the banner events.  They keep you in the game even when your skills hit that occasional wall.