Dover Hosts and Dashes Hopes This Weekend

NASCAR could be going back to the scene of the crime when it comes back to Dover this weekend.  A high profile domestic case once again came up in the mainstream news again.  Who was it and what effect will it have in Dover?  Can Carl Edwards drive like we all know he can after winning the Coke 600 recently?  This and other issues will be tackled from Dover International Speedway with their unique one mile track.

Distracted Driving

Kurt Busch has suffered a setback in the effort to have issues in the past put behind him.  His well covered spats with his ex have been tabloid fodder for a while now.  Four top tens in his last five races was the signs that his head was out of the clouds.  Now they might be fogged up again as a Delaware judge rules that the protection order stays in place.  Driscoll is still at NASCAR races in her function with the Armed Forces Foundation.  It can not be easy to stay a practicable distance away from her.  For this weekend’s event, it would be advisable to avoid Kurt for wagering purposes.

Handicapping Factors

  • Concrete is not only dominant but the only material in the track
  • This alters driver reactions
  • Pit Crews must take this into account on how wear effects tires.
  • Night racing is not possible because of a lack of lights

So Fox carries the coverage for it this weekend.  Jimmie Johnson is not only hot this year but overall at Dover.  Logano matches up well here for a Top Ten wager.  Most people are whispering about the dark horse potential of Mike Kenseth.  He has had the quietest season among the press and yet has produced very well compared to almost everyone else.  Apex NASCAR Betting is going to rail Martin Truex.  Not only will we wager him top five but sprinkle some on the future for him winning this race.  So sit back, enjoy, and hopefully we all get to profit from the FedEx 400 this weekend.