Dude Where is My Car and What to Bet This Week in NASCAR

Before Ashton Kutcher got A-List movies, he was starring in That 70’s Shows and starring in films to get his name in lights.  One of them was a b comedy revolving around the two “heroes” reconstructing a wild night and attempting to find their ride.  “Dude Where is My Car?” has been a skit on many shows but it seems that NASCAR is playing it out in real life.  Find out what driver had his sled stolen.  Also we will determine an optimal wager for this week’s Motorsports Free Pick of the Week.

Exactly 5:34 A.M. ?

Police reports have to be exact but they peg the theft to have happened at 5:34 in the mroning.  Travis Kvapil is at a local hotel near the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  His very distinctive Team Xtreme #44 car is his no longer.  Someone spotted the trailer the car was in at the Drury Inn and decided to make it their own.  In a tweet, owner John Cohen says his team will have to withdraw from the race.  Odd that the trailer nor the car had a tracking device to follow it.  My Iphone I can find anywhere but a NASCAR finely tuned machine can not be tracked when lost or stolen.

Weather Dominating Atlanta Motor Speedway

Wet weather that can chill you to the bone is not supposed to be native to Georgia.  The 40’s have been constant all week and is expected for the Sprint Cup Race.  A major problem is that weather radar is somewhat ineffective in tracking drizzle.  So with all of this in the air, what might be a premium wager to place in this Sunday’s Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500?

  • First of all Joey Logano is to be avoided.  The media crush from winning the Big One will be too great.  Even with momentum, attrition will take too much out of him.
  • Ryan Newman loves getting the pole in Atlanta.  This would be an ideal spot for him to win.  He has to be chaffing from finishing second in the chase last year without winning a single race.
  • Long shot in Regan Smith might pay off for a Top Ten finish.  The replacement for the suspended Busch loves the mile and a half tracks.  He will be the driver for the team probably until Busch gets reinstated.  This is his audition so look for his energy and focus to be greater than the fields at this second race.  We think it will translate into tangible results.

So there you have it.  Ryan Newman has an excellent chance at top ten and winning this event.  Regan Smith is an outside shot to carry you to extreme profit for the long shot taker.  Either way, make sure you get your wagers in by the 1PM start time at America’s Bookie.  Until next time, keep NASCAR in your heart and let us wager our way to profit.