Encumbered Race Finish Usage for the Chase

Rules are getting sharper teeth including an Encumbered Race Finish for rule violations during the Chase portion of the season. Great to see one and all here at APEX NASCAR Betting.  Some of the biggest names are making waves in the media this week.  They and the governing body of the sport has declared the silliness to be over.  Those little and on occasion big infractions in the garage will not be tolerated anymore.  With the spotlight of the motor sports world shining brightly on them right now, NASCAR has declared that shortcuts by crews are at an end.

Encumbered Race Finish : Case of Martin Truex

His Toyota got his hand caught in the cookie jar for the last race of the season.  When the LIS failure was reported, the established rules at hand were pretty powerless to do anything of relevance.  The ramifications were to effect the regular season and since it was ending, the window was small indeed.  In fact, since the Chase standings were already established he was free rolling the organization because they were de facto powerless to do anything.  Not that they have some stroke again, NASCAR does not intend to look impotent again.

Lug Nuts and Gray Areas

Two problems are being addressed.  Lug nut violations coming out of the last pit have to be addressed.  What good is a point penalty when most of the onus is getting that first win to be safe to advance?  Many drivers would take that risk and minor ding in order to gain the next stage.  Now the crews are spouting out about failing by accident.  Situations in which they were not purposely circumventing the law but because parts were on the edge of failure.  Some times this is true but they have lost the benefit of the doubt because of rampant rule bending in most situations.

Wagering ramifications from Chicagoland on could be felt.  Teams that speak out on this or have a checkered past like Martin Truex’s team could have lower equity.  Most everyone wants a level playing surface to race on.  Alas that is for the other guy to worry about is an attitude that NASCAR is seeking to eliminate with increased costs that have real world effects going forward.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at APEX NASCAR Betting.