Geico 500 Betting Basics 5/1

Largest track on the circuit will effect our Geico 500 Betting Basics for May 1st.  This weekend brings in a new crop of drivers to focus on because of a different skill set needed to win at Talladega.  Now comes defending champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. back to the forefront because of his ability to conquer one of his favorite courses.  With 1PM Sunday quickly ticking away, let us at APEX NASCAR Betting explore the sports investment options to make us all more money this Sunday.

Geico 500 Betting Basics : Matt Kenseth

This will almost be a restart to a very underwhelming 2016 for Matt Kenseth.  Five wins last year seemed so long ago.  Even when he is driving well like at Richmond last weekend, factors beyond his control come up.  This time he had to change two batteries in mid race.  All of this and he still finished seventh.  With 1/3 of the regular season done, he has yet to get that win to ensure his presence in the Sprint.  Using our Betting Basics section as a reference, we will not invest in futures for Matt Kenseth to win here.  It would be a reach even at his inflated odds.  However, he has above average value in the heads up wagering aspects compared to those the linesmakers will pit against him.  Take Kenseth against other drivers one on one this Sunday.

Amelia’s Resurrection

The hype machine for a defending champion need not get stoked but a crucial event has just occurred that has pinged APEX NASCAR’s radar.  When Dale Earnhardt Jr gets his Amelia back then all sees right in the racing world.  This plate car propelled him to lofty heights in 2015.  This vehicle with him behind the wheel seems to consume the superspeedways.  Sad to see a crash at Daytona but his car finally went through all the refits and repairs and is ready to race.  Dale has had stellar results at this site.  Now with this car, he seems to be spot on to repeat as champion.  Normally, we steer away from favorites for futures wagering but to win and Top 3 finishes should be invested on for the Geico 500.

Want to appear to know what you are talking about?  Float around the name Ricky Sternhouse Jr for this one.  He loves this track and his results sow it.  Five times here with a Top Five and three top 10’s.  Remember that the odds from the sportsbooks are more about balanced wagering prospects than the absolute truth.  Sternhouse will have good value because he does not have the following that the big names do.  Give him your wagering attention with a top ten future and heads up consideration against his perceived peers.  Good fortune this weekend and we will see you next time here at APEX NASCAR Betting.