Handicapping Tips and Strategies for Betting on Nascar

Let’s get your engine started and betting on NASCAR.

Nascar is a high octane sport that features cars going near 200 mph. Racing in a tight battle every weekend during the season. In terms of betting on Nascar, various bets can be made with the sport to create a positive return from the bet made.

Using different tips and strategies to handicap your bets on a Nascar race or season can ultimately benefit the return on the bet that is being made.


Driver and Track History When Betting on NASCAR

In Nascar, certain drivers are merely better or worse at specific tracks. Instead of simply riding a hot or cold driver, considering how that driver has done historically at the given track. It will be crucial to betting with confidence.

Each track has its own layout, and some drivers have a skill set that correlates directly to their success at the specific track. Researching and knowing this correlation will help determine if a driver performs better than expected in the given race.

NASCAR Team Support

Yes, Nascar is an individual sport, but each driver has a set of teammates to help support one another during a race. Some teams communicate and work together better than others. 

The ones that share data, analytics, track records, and race information ultimately find themselves with a car near the top of the leaderboard. Top NASCAR sportsbooks have ALL this info!

Having a better understanding of which teams work well together. Which ones simply have the label as teammates will help determine which drivers can perform better based on the total team effort around them. 

Playoff Standings

Nascar has shuffled its playoff scenario recently. With the new structure that has been in place, it is always good to know what the playoff standings are before each race. This is especially crucial later on in the season when betting on NASCAR.

Later in the Nascar season, if a driver has already clinched a spot in the playoffs, he may not be as willing to take risks during a specific race. A driver on the cusp of making the playoffs will be more inclined to risk himself and other drivers to accomplish what he ultimately wants. 

Pay attention to the playoff standings, and your future bets will thank you.

Betting on NASCAR – Practice Makes Perfect

Each week drivers take their cars onto the track and take various practice laps before a race to feel out the track. They find out what works for them for the upcoming event. Research each practice to see who is finding their way on a track and who is still struggling to find their stride.

If a driver is having good practice laps and getting faster times on the track, then it is important to take a closer look at that driver as an optimistic bet on the race. 

Looking into the practice trends for specific drivers can help increase the ability to make educated bets and therefore create a better return on the money put on a driver and race.

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Qualifying Trends & Betting on NASCAR

Before each race, drivers go through a qualifying session where they will qualify for specific racing starting positions. Some drivers find themselves succeeding only when they qualify close to the pole position. Other drivers find ways to succeed no matter what position they start in the race.

Before each race begins, take the time to look at the starting positions . How each driver performed in their qualifying laps. Look into the specific drivers to determine if there is a direct correlation between the driver’s starting position. Will it affect their finish position in a race?

Overall, betting on Nascar is more than simply betting on the hot driver. There is some true handicapping theory for NASCAR.

If someone wants to be educated on the material they are betting on, they will need to take some time to look deep into trends for the drivers. These tips and strategies will help bettors feel more confident when placing bets on specific races.

The Daytona 500

In February, the Daytona 500 will run, truly the “Great American Race” for Nascar. It is the Super Bowl of the sport and has drivers racing at a fast pace the entire time. Anyone betting on NASCAR need to get a good start here.

In October, the famous Talladega 500 race will commence. These two high-profile races and many others give fans plenty of opportunities to use their tips and strategies to help handicap the bets on the sport of Nascar. 

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