Harvick Causes Havoc to Advance

Tin foil hat brigade takes on the Talladega turmoil. A story book finish could have been in the cards but the competitors had the ability to take destiny in their own hands taken away. Collision and smoke caused a caution to come out with a scant two laps left. That is how it ended as the racers coasted to their respective places. APEX NASCAR Betting loos at how Little E got left out of the next stage of the Sprint Chase.

Denny Hamlin

Fire and smoke catch the eyes of the crowd and unfortunately the officials. Caution rules the roost in modern NASCAR. Well the collision that caused this caused the distinctive green and white checkered flag to be waved. Panic was not yet in the cards as the drivers would be afforded two laps to race for victory lane upon restart. The problems ensued when a new NASCAR rule was envoked.

Second Caution

Now once that restart began, if another caution came out then the race would end as is. This is where conspiracy and Kevin Harvick collided. Now Kevin was in the chase but needed to maintain his position to stay in it. Oddly his car opted for this moment to become unresponsive to acceleration. This is where it all hit the fan

  • He lets himself be passed when it hits green and gets eliminated from the Chase
  • Stay in the lane and try to blockade enough drivers from getting past him to remain alive.
  • OR a crash could occur, his place would be cemented, and he could fight another day.

Kevin at least tried to make a go of it with option two. Very quickly it was obvious it would not worked. He drifted out of his lane where he clipped Trevor Bayne. A pile up occurred and Kevin was safe. End of story as Logano won and a second place Earnhardt was eliminated.

Twitter bombs came from Denny Hamlin who was also eliminated. Trevor Bayne is convinced that the crack up was intentional. NASCAR found no cause for concern in their initial investigation. Little E was elegant in defeat but this gamesmanship should have bettors on high alert. Karma and other drivers tend to react badly to this so Kevin Harvick might be on the other end of a crash real soon. Thank you for tuning into APEX NASCR Betting and we will visit with you again next week with a Free Pick to Profit by.