Harvick Vs JGB to Kick Things Off


Harvick to Make Statement?

Kevin has drawn the line and seems to border around Joe Gibbs Racing.  Why are they in his sights?  When your team takes home eight of the last eleven races then all the other drivers are forced to react to their winning ways.  Chicagoland Speedway is where he will make his stand has Harvick begins his defense of the Sprint Cup Playoffs in earnest.  Not only keep up with them but in his own words, “…pound them into the ground.”  Meanwhile JGR is united in the team approach as they each took small pot shots at the defending champ.  From having overwhelming stats to sentiments that they hope he does not blow a motor, the gauntlet of team vs the solitary warrior has been thrown down and accepted.

All About the Format

This is how it will break down.  Over the course of ten races, the following idea is implemented.  Sixteen drivers have made it to this point.  Three rounds of eliminations occur.  Finally the top four make it to Miami.  There on November 22nd, this quad will all speed around the track.  The winner of that race takes all the marbles and the championship.  Even those that have not won all year long can make it to NASCAR’s final four. Ryan Newman is the poster boy for that feat as he made it to the last race without winning.

The one thing that NASCAR has to work on is their naming. While functional, it leaves little to the imagination or marketing purposes.  Challenger 16 is followed up with Contender 12 and finally Eliminator 8.  Those that win a race in there stage get to go on.  The rest are point placement driven.  So prepare for the best and see if Harvick can stand on his island against the assault of Joe Gibbs racing.  Good fortune in your wagering and we will converse next time here at Apex NASCAR Betting.