How Do You Bet on NASCAR Races

Bet on NASCAR to increase profits and diversify your wagers.

Key Points

– Betting on NASCAR races can be a profitable strategy for any bettor.

– There are plenty of NASCAR betting options from which to choose.

Find Your Niche – Bet on NASCAR

Over the past few years, betting on NASCAR races has become extremely popular and profitable for bettors who have found the niche.

The great thing is there is a NASCAR race just about every weekend from the time the season starts in February all the way until the first week of November when it ends.

Like other sports, there is a nice variety of betting options. The typical moneyline, point spread, and totals bets do not apply to racing where the major bet is on a race winner. 

So, how do you bet on NASCAR races? There are a number of different ways.

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NASCAR Outright Winner & Place Bets

As mentioned, the major bet each weekend is on a driver to win a race. The great thing about betting on a NASCAR Cup race is that you can find plenty of favorites at plus money. 

Typical race favorites will have odds that range from +300 on up. Top NASCAR sportsbooks will offer the best odds in the business. It would not be out of the question to find a solid favorite at odds of +1000 for a given race.

Picking the overall race winner is difficult though as there are several factors that can influence a race’s outcome. There are mechanical failures that are out of the driver’s control. Accidents on the track and even a pit crew mistake can cost a driver a race despite his abilities.

Bet all your favorite NASCAR races

To mitigate some of the risks involved in picking an overall race winner, sportsbooks will offer odds on drivers to finish in the Top 5 or Top 10. The odds won’t be as advantageous, but choosing a strong driver to finish in the Top 5 is much easier than betting on him to win outright.

For example, a driver may be given +300 odds to win a race. His odds to finish among the Top 5 might be -120.

Head-to-Head Betting

Another category of NASCAR bets includes head-to-head betting. Two drivers, typically of similar ability, are matched together. Odds are established and bettors wager on which driver will finish higher in the final standings.

For example, take two well-known NASCAR drivers – Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch. In head-to-head competition in a given race, Busch is favored to finish higher than Truex.

Kyle Busch -120

Martin Truex Jr. +100

Let’s say you bet $120 on Busch to finish higher. Busch winds up fourth and Truex comes in seventh. Your bet is a winner and pays out $100.

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Bet on NASCAR – Props, Futures & More

Like other sports, NASCAR offers a number of prop bets for each race. These props include bets like the following:

  • Which racer will lead the most laps?
  • Which manufacturer will win the race?
  • How many drivers will finish the race?

Live betting is now possible on NASCAR races making the sport even more exciting. Bettors also have the opportunity to bet futures when they wager on the NASCAR Cup champion. The champion is crowned at the end of the season after the playoffs.

Bet on NASCAR in 2022. It can be both exciting and profitable with a simple understanding of how it all works.