How to Bet NASCAR All- Star Race 5/21

In an effort to make it interesting, NASCAR made how to bet on their All – Star race this Saturday really complicated.  Good morning as we here at APEX NASCAR Betting look at the ramifications of some rule changes for the event tonight on FOX Sports 1.  At issue is the placement of the second stage of the race.  Learn why some drivers are going for 12th place in segment two of the race.

How to Bet Theory on This One Race

Normally, logic would rule the day for racing fans.  Approaches like the ones at High Street Betting on how to bet NASCAR would be a license to print money when wagering motor sports.  This one week is when the racing organization changes things.  At issue is the last three installments of this race.  There were no lead changes in the last ten races for the three prior years.  Watch how in an effort to shuffle things up, NASCAR muddied the waters for this one.

Two or Four Tires

Strategy rains supreme here.  Do you take all four new tires in the pit and start further back?  Swapping only two tires gets you back in the front for the next segment to start!  Now the decision on what to do has been taken out of the drivers hands at then end of Stage 2.  There will be a random draw to see if 9, ten, or eleven drivers will be forced to swap all tires.  Prevailing theory is that the clear air and space up front is worth more than the tire swap.  This has many drivers indicating that they will be gunning for 12th at the end of stage two.

Fans and handicappers can certainly bet for value on the winner of the entire event.  With all the strategic elements in play, wagering on placement after each of the distinctive stages should be avoided.  Tune in to Fox Sport 1 tonight.  An entertaining race to be certain and a chance to pluck some profit at the same time.  Good fortune and we will see you next week here at APEX NASCAR Betting.