Jeff Gordon to Hang It Up After 2015

Racing is coming ever closer but a legend is soon to hang up his racing uniform.  Jeff Gordon has announced that 2015 will be his last.  In other news, NASCAR is opting to exercise their dominion over even more details of the fan’s experience.  Find out what money maker they have placed under control of primarily one company.  All of this for you in your next edition of Apex NASCAR Betting.

Gordon’s Final Lap

Retirement even had to come to one of the greatest legends in racing.  With almost a tear in his eye, Jeff Gordon announced that his 23rd year would be his last in NASCAR.  It was not a lengthy debate as he came to the conclusion in the middle of last year.  He had found a fountain of youth through his results and eventual shot at the title.  He came up just short in that quest but his career is crowned with achievements.  Ninety two wins has him third on the all time list.  He has the big titles and have won them multiple times.  Racetracks all over the nation will pay homage to him.  Apex NASCAR will document some of the most notable moments as they occur.


Little Man Being Pushed Out?

The NASCAR experience is continually evolving but sometimes not for the better.  Small business man are having an aspect of their livelihood altered.  Instead of the sprawling line of haphazardly placed trailers, the organization will opt for one giant tent where the wares will be found.  By 2016, this monstrosity will be at all thirty eight of the major events.  Fanatics is the big winner in this as they inked a ten year agreement with NASCAR to control these operations.  Look for an increase in options for the children and ladies that attend these events.

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