Kenseth Invokes Revenge and Gets Suspended

Even casual fans of our favorite sport are more than aware of the politics of the car crash these days.  Much like a brush back pitch, there are usually reasons to purposely dust someone’s chances.  APEX NASCAR Betting looks at this game of revenge during the highest stakes portion of the season.  What prompted Kenseth into seeking contact and how many races will he miss for his brand of vigilante justice?

Logano Front and Center

This all started with the hottest driver on the face of the Earth.  Politics and Chase for the Cup implications were certainly behind the situation when Logano physically brushed aside Kenseth’s car and help Joey win at Kansas.  With three races in each segment, the winner is guaranteed automatic advancement into the next round.  Joey had won the week before Kansas so there is much finger pointing at how the contact with Kenseth would certainly benefit Joey and could be pre meditated.


Everyone knew the revenge knock was coming.  By not penalizing Logano, an air of do it yourself brand of justice was fostered.  Kenseth had two weeks to stew before striking at Martinsville.  He waited until the next round where Logano had to win again to advance so the stakes were just as high as the initial crash.

With no olive branch extended, Kenseth did what he felt he had to according  to the race code.  NASCAR snapped him off with a two race suspension.  What makes it worse is that Matt Kenseth normally does not do this course of action.  So just like in hockey, the person who reacts gets the penalty.  Hopefully next time, NASCAR will take preemptive steps before someone eventually gets hurt in the next crash.