MartinVille, NASCAR, and the Replacement Dog

Most NASCAR fans think with their stomachs.  What had everyone both up in arms and in line was the replacement of old faithful.  We are not talking about a legend as in a person but a hot dog.  Jessie Jones had a hammerlock on this concession going back to the 40’s.  Now Smithfield Foods have nudged their way in as the provider for Martinville.  New has tried their hardest to be like the old.  Word from the old race track has that they were triumphant in a quality replacement.  Kudos and on to Martinville this week for APEX NASCAR Betting.


Dont Go East Young Man

NASCAR had some fine weather out west but the tour has to go back towards the Atlantic this week.  Martinsville is the venue but it appears that Mother Nature might not be cooperating.  Wet and potentially wild weather with a chill in the air could derail the Friday night festivities.  However, the sun should rule on both days of the weekend even if it can not fight a nip in the air.  Usually 70’s and 80’s dominate this venue but will the drivers that had past success here cope with the 50’s projected.

Eight Straight Top Two Finishes

Equal parts deserving and flabbergasting is the Kevin Harvick achievement.  Johnson had won five in a row and is considered the Holy Grail in this sport for the modern times.  Looking back, Petty had eleven in a row but that was a different era.  The field was staggered so much more in talent and placement at the end of the race.  When twenty something racers are in the last lap field when the race ends, the struggle is greater.  Richard had maybe three vehicles in that last lap per race.

Keslowski’s tire strategy at the Auto Club Speedway has pit crews playing catch up.  All the necessary adjustments are not going to be in place but a few teams will try and not all will work.  Brad will be in contention this week as he holds a tactical advantage over most.  Kevin is on a scorcher and should be good for a top 10.  Our money is going to be on Kurt Busch.  He needs to make headway after his suspension.  Examine his future at America’s Bookie.  It has the value to make a good profit and should provide ample entertainment until the end.