Moneyline Bets in We Paint Winners 400 6/5

Momentum dominates this week’s moneyline investments here at APEX NASCAR Betting. Pocono is the scene for this Sunday’s race and we are in for a rare treat.  Last year’s champion here is on a roll right now as he won last week’s event on the circuit.  Martin Truex dominated for nearly 300 laps of the race.  With such a complete performance, is he the one to plunk down on for profit this Sunday at 1:15 PM?

Moneyline Bets : Co Favorites?

Truth be told, Martin Truex could have won up to four and maybe five events this year.  A series of odd circumstances mostly out of his control kept him out of victory lane until last week.  Now coming off of an event which he lead for 588 miles, he comes in as one of the co favorites for this event.  Kevin Harvick is the other one that is considered a favorite by the oddsmakers right now.  If these two are pitted against each other in heads up wagering, the hot Truex is the horse to back up to 2x size wagers.

For Your Consideration

Jimmie Johnson has the pedigree at Pocono to do very well this Sunday.  Only nine starts out of 28 has he even finished outside the top ten.  Not only that but he is rather devoid of the DNF in his career which makes gives him extra equity in heads up betting. For those not familiar with the moneyline in NASCAR betting, The Street Betting has an excellent write up on moneyline basics to brush up on.  Both Busch brothers are also slated to do well here.  Kyle has never won this race.  He got a ninth and 21st here last year so he is up and down on this site.  However, his momentum and desire to win this one puts him in great contention against other drivers he will be pitted against for wagering purposes.

This could be the continuation of an epic run for Martin Truex.  If his support team does not interfere, he is in the zone to dominate NASCAR for the next month.  We will see at We Paint Winners 400, how winning will hone or dull the edge he is riding on right now.  Check back with us next time at APEX NASCAR Betting to see how Martin handles the momentum.  Good fortune and enjoy this wild weekend of wagering at Americas Bookie.