NASCAR Betting – Potential Pitfalls in Wagering on Drivers

By Charles Jay 

There are a lot of people who aren’t into NASCAR, and that’s fine. But there are plenty of people who follow the personalities and the story lines every week, and if you look for them, you will most definitely find them. 

If you are going to wager on stock car racing, perhaps you need to be aware of some of your options, because simply betting on one driver / car to win, out of 40 or so who are competing, that’s almost like rolling dice.


What’s kind of difficult about wagering on these races is the fact that while there are most certainly those drivers who are consistently in the Cup playoffs on a year-to-year basis, you have easily two dozen drivers, and maybe more, who have a legitimate chance to win any given race.

But that is not necessarily the place you want to be. There are a lot of things that can happen, even to the best of competitors, that can foul them up in a race. They can get in a wreck, through no fault of their own, and that is no reflection whatsoever on their level of quality as a competitor or the team’s level of quality.

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There can also be engine trouble. This is not at all uncommon, and can happen to any car. Even if it isn’t something that can take a driver out of a race, it can leave them more or less hopelessly behind. 

So if you are going to engage in NASCAR betting, these are the things you have to understand going in. 

There is no magic “formula” to win when betting NASCAR, but as we mentioned, there are options. However, Apex NASCAR Betting is your place to find NASCAR betting tips, the latest odds, NASCAR previews and much more.

You could, for example, bet on whether a particular driver is going to finish in the top three. Of course, this is not a whole lot different than wagering on the winner. Your driver still has to finish the race, and essentially do well enough to win, because the winning margins are usually not all that considerable. 

You can bet on a top ten finish, which gives you a little more room, and while you are not really getting a great price, you can then begin to use past performances to forecast a little better as to who will, for instance, repeat what he has done at any specific track.


We mention specific tracks because that has to be very much a part of anyone’s handicapping analysis. Just like there are horses for courses on that “other” track, many NASCAR drivers simply race better on certain kinds of tracks. Maybe it’s a small oval somewhere. Or maybe it is the so-called “superspeedway” like they have at Daytona. NASCAR also has a couple of road courses on the schedule. 

Who does better on what kind of track is something you need to know. Which drivers have the best experiences at a specific location can also be valuable information. And you can get this kind of info through something called a “statistical advance,” which NASCAR publishes and can be found on various sites online. 

One area in which the stats can conceivably be put to use involves betting “matchups.” These are two-way propositions which pit one driver against another. And when you play these, it’s the only thing you need to be concerned with. Such a proposition allows you the opportunity to narrow your focus and make a comparison based on the data available. 

Of course, always remember that the oddsmaker has access to the same information. So stay sharp!