NASCAR Betting Tips : Duck Commander 500 4/9

The Great State of Texas is the focus of our NASCAR Betting Tips for April 9th.  With a reputation of go big or stay home, racing designers gave the Longhorn State a mile and a half long track for the drivers to contend for the Duck Commander 500.  Most of the big names are here for the 7PM start on FOX.  So let us open up the wide world of profitable sports investment opportunities in motor sports for 2016.

NASCAR Betting Tips : Launching Point

A hypnotic roar of the racers reverbs across living rooms all over America.  It used to be that people turned in for just the crashes but an appreciation for the high level of skill is now present in America.  This high quality sporting event rewards those who follow the races with wagering opportunities to cash in on your knowledge.  For those that are just finding out the thrill a minute action here, APEX has developed these NASCAR Betting Tips to get you up to speed for this and the other events just on the horizon in motor sports.

Atmosphere Here

Domination by the established drivers is the name of the game for 2016.  Six races with five unique winners qualifying for the Chase.  Kyle Busch is surging coming into this track.  Last week’s win at Matinsville has him in tip top shape to defend last year’s overall championship.  For those that adhere to riding the hot hand, here are the prices for him to win and to place in the top three for the Duck Commander.

  • Kyle Busch to win +600
  • Top Three +150

Tail and Fade

Too many handicapping sights just highlight those that should be bet on.  We also provide a key fade or two for those that want to wager heads up in the Duck Commander.  In that spirit, Denny Hamlin should be avoided in this one.  A speeding penalty let him seep into his psyche.  He got set back and then crashed his car when trying to do too much with it.  He has a in this year but this race is to fine tune his car so fade away in the heads up portion of betting.

The tail to embrace for this one is Jimmie Johnson.  He does his best in Texas and in particular this race distance.  Most drivers get flustered in this environment but he thrives in it.  He is the favorite to win this race but he is still getting +450 return for your money on the investment.  So strong is Jimmie here is that the linesmakers have put him at +100 for a top three.  There is almost universal support among race experts that his chances here are that good.

Duck Commander 500 is ideal for novices to be introduced to NASCAR investment.  This long distance at 1.5 miles is a different environment than most of the other races.  Few drivers excel at it like Jimmie Johnson.  He should dominate here.  Kyle Busch has momentum going for him and could come up to steal one.  Ponder the wagers to win and top three for today.  Contact Americas Bookie today to open up the world of sports investment and transform these events into money making opportunities today.