NASCAR Free Picks : Toyota Owners 400 4/23

We are nuts about our NASCAR Free Picks for the Toyota Owners 400.  This is is perhaps the wrong word usage as the front office is coming under direct heat from a risky practice by some pit crews.  While admiring the attitude to gain the edge to win, too many drivers are of the opinion that this creates an unsafe work environment.  APEX NASCAR Betting will look at this issue and the close of the short track season at Richmond this Sunday the 24th of April.

NASCAR Free Picks : Stormy Situations

First off is the weather.  Storms in the air have abbreviated the qualification process.  It helped give Kevin Harvick gain the pole for the first time this year.  Kevin has been pretty consistent but not flashy in seven top tens in eight races.  Part of it has been the short track season.  For those that do not understand this or other ramifications during the season, we urge you to read our How to Bet NASRCAR section that goes over considerations like this in the handicapping process.  The order for the Toyota Owners 400 will have a bit more fluctuation than normal due this factor.


When the cats away, the mice did play with the lug nut situation.  Oddly, NASCAR pulls officials from the pit area where they would scan for loose lug nuts and other infractions.  This has lead to more blowouts and blow ups from the drivers.  Some teams took to the airwaves to complain about this.  NASCAR did their normal routine and fined them.  Then came the unexpected.  When the organization comes close to admitting they made a mistake then everyone knows a reversal will soon be at hand.  Looking into it should at least mean that the pit road technology initiative will be altered and these officials put back there.

Our Selections

  • Kasey Kahne should be avoided in heads up wagering or a solid fade.  Cold streak, pit crew underperforming, and he is raising the ire of his fellow drivers.  Issues with Danica and  Biffle will result in more than his fair share of teams making his life difficult here in Richmond.
  • One that has very good heads up value is Ryan Newman.  How does a driver who has lead one lap all year convert our handicapping into cash?  16th in the standings this year because he works hard.  He plugs away.  This attitude will have him head and shoulders around those whom are pitted against him by the oddsmakers.  Big advantage here.

Our NASCAR Free Pick for the Toyota Owners 400 is Ryan Newman -105 over Jamie McMuray in heads up wagering.  Ryan starts the race way up at #14 while McMurray is at #27.  Of course, it will not hold for all the race but our man Ryan is a worker with good results trending real soon.  This will immediately start making itself known with higher than expected results.  Good fortune in our selection and check back next week here at APEX NASCAR Betting for more motorsports speculation.