NASCAR Hall of Fame Tainted

Snow and ice coat the roads up north.  We beg NASCAR to adapt some more friendly locations like Mexico, Brazil, and other warm American climates.  This sport suffers from being off the road too long.  They are going stir crazy.  Case in point are two key stories this week.  One the wrong action is being used to promote the sport.  In the other, the NASCAR brand is being dragged through the mud to save a few million.  Read on at Apex Nascar Betting as we look at the issues going on while we wait for Daytona.


NASCAR Hall Bailout Hurts the Sport

Legitimate sports have Hall of Fames that celebrate their heroes and provide eternal memories for future generations of fans.  Could you imagine a modern Cooperstown or Canton having their name dredged through the mud for mere money?  We are not talking monster amounts that threaten the existence of the sport but a tally near $22 million.  To put that in perspective, the Detroit Pistons let Josh Smith go for more than that.  The people that run the NASCAR Hall came up with an idea.  Armed with legal opinion with their contracts with the banks, they approached BOA and Wells with this tune.  We pay you five million dollars now and you forgive the rest of the debt.  If not, then your means of collection are limited and will result in you getting much less.  The banks then realized their hand was weak.  They had counted on the fact that what self respecting sport concerned with image would allow this to happen.  Well NASCAR should really be put in almost the same light as the UFC is after the Jones failed drug test.  Money is the primary concern with these sports even at the cost of their image.

nascar 2

Marketing Towards a Rough Demographic

A second twist to their image took place this week.  Media giants FOX and NBC both gleefully rolled out promo packages featuring an all out fight.  The Gordon-Keselowski tilt made headlines when they went the distance in Texas.  This was the same event that the head office came out to condemn as over the top.  Crews got into as some Hendrick pals got into the act of pulverizing Keselowski.  Suspensions galore were the fallout.  Now it is cheap pop to get interest going in a sport with too much downtime.  With the dirt track death last year, NASCAR does not need the glorification of this type of action outside of the car or near tracks.

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