NASCAR Relaxes on Final Weekend Off for Season

What is one to do with the last break for the NASCAR season?  Of course we debate where Joey Logano is in the current power structure of NASCAR drivers.  Canopy protection is coming in two brands of racing.  Finally, we look at Colorado and also a wedding in this edition of APEX NASCAR Betting.

Saves Lives

Before we comment on the action in racing, APEX NASCAR Betting would like to address the evolution of the protection of the drive in open air vehicles.  F1 and Indy car programs have accelerated their research and implementation of canopies for their cars.  The protection of the driver comes to the forefront over the protests of the individual who says that this alters and inhibits their driving style.  Scuttlebutt around both circuits is that this is a done deal at least to try in the short term.

How High to Go With Logano

Will recent form trump season long accolades?  This is the case of Joey Logano against the field.  Where you put him in the top four is a point of contention?  Where the argument begins is if he should be put above Brad Keselowski?  If you agree on that then the jockeying comes into play with Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch.  Kevin’s ten second place wins scattered with a couple of wins has him higher than anyone else.  But all that matters is you make the final four in the event.

This pitstop on the schedule has certainly seen the marriage bug settle in.  For the third year in a row, some driver is getting hitched.  This time it is Little E.  We congratulate Dale Earnhardt Jr and hope he has many happy returns.  Also Jimmie Johnson is breathing in some clean and crisp mountain air in Colorado.  Many forms of relaxation and marriage are on tap for this last break.  Come back next time as the Chase begins in earnest.