NASCAR Richmond : End of Season

With the NASCAR Richmond event, the end of the regular season of racing is on hand this Saturday.  We are happy to see everyone back here at APEX NASCAR Racing.  The Federated Auto Part 400 is the last chance for several drivers to get themselves into the sprint.  This should make for a very aggressive night with the green flag waving at 7:43PM.  So let us see whom we favor to make our bankrolls a little more blessed this evening.

NASCAR Richmond : Bubble Alert

Here, we have Elliot, Dillon, and McMurray in if it were to end before the race.  Two things could upset the apple cart.  Any first time winner would hop over them.  Also Newman, Kahne, and even Ryan Blaney are close enough in points to make their way in with good enough performances.  Wild driving should keep us in our seats in front of the television tonight on NBCSN.

Harvick Vents

Kevin should be in a much better state than he is right now.  He has the sheer talent and his car is top tier.  Alas, his pit crew has had several high profile stumbles this season.  Harvick finally hand enough and blasted them in the national media.  He has said that his days of being a “cheerleader” are over with these people.  The Southern 500 was his for the taking.  He was so dominant that we are still stunned that he did not take it. Kevin’s spirit of competition should never be called in question especially after this incident last year. We will see if this gets their groove on tonight.

People are wagging their tongues about the upset potential of Kasey Kahne.  Doomsday scenarios in which he would catapult McMurry into the abyss if Kasey wins tonight.  Alas, we think that this is a great over estimation of Kahne’s ability this year.  He has not lead a lap at any venue or race this year.  Great entertainment value.  For those that want a quick buck, go with Matt Kenseth.  He led here almost 90 percent of the laps here last year.  Head to head wagering, he is your man for profit in Richmon.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX NASCAR Betting.