NASCAR Sonoma : Road Course Racing Weekend 6/26

NASCAR Sonoma is a chance to watch the stars of the circuit in an element not normally their own.  Good Afternoon APEX NASCAR Betting Fans.  Today we look at the 110 lap road course at Sonoma.  This is the chance to see a few ringers or drivers we are not used to coming in to race this special course.  No plain oval but winding your way through the landscape and environment.  3:15PM EST approx start for this one, so lets get down to the process of profiting on motorsports here at APEX NASCAR.

NASCAR Sonoma : Normal Science is Useless

Here is an environment where the pit crews do not get to play around so much.  The ability to run on fumes is a lot harder to do on a winding course where the needle goes up and down so much.  Same thing as pondering whether one should run on two or four tires to close out the race.  Whole new set of tweaks that only the experienced can unravel.  This is why rookies normally fail hard here.  Impromptu driving skills come to the forefront.  Experience aids greatly in the decision making process as long as one is still spry enough to continually adapt on Sunday.

No go on Smoke (Fade)

Tony Stewart has done well on this rack in the past.  His overall average finish is near 12th.  That being said, his last three visits here have seen him slide off the map.  Issues of endurance are actually increased on this course.  No getting into the comfort zone on the oval track where the mind can just find a groove.  Instead, constant calculation is like asking a walker to become a jogger.  Whole new set of muscles for this one.  He is a strong fade against whom he will be pitted up in the heads up wagering menu at Americas Bookie and other quality sportsbooks.

Out of the drivers going here, AJ Allmendinger is a strong candidate to take it down.  DO not get married to brand name for this race.  It is not profitable to do so.  Here and the Glen are the two best shots for AJ to win on the circuit.  Take Allmendinger for Top Three and heads up wagering ventures this Sunday.  Tune into Fox Sports 1 at 3:15PM to enjoy and get those bets in right now at Americas Bookie.