No Consequences for Most in RIchmond

Spots for the Chase are being weeded out minute by minute.  Five openings are theoretically up for grabs but it is probably just one in real world terms.  Join APEX NASCAR Betting as we take a look at whose spot is actually up for grabs and all the scenarios that come into play this weekend.

Up and Down With Jamie McMurray

Imagine being told that you finally made the field for the Chase.  Waves of relief start to cascade over you and then you get another call.  ” Our Bad!” he says over the phone, we had made a mis calculation and in reality you are not in yet.  What this really means is that all he has to do is to start the race on Saturday and he is in.  So while not officially in, all he has to do is to show up for work and the reward is his.

Chip Ganassi is in the Danger Zone

Who is the driver that is in jeopardy?  Why that would be Chip Ganassi.  This is the fate of not only him but the rest of the winless drivers who are up in the point list.  This would include Paul Menard, Jeff Gordon, and Ryan Newman.  The person brining up the rear right now is Clint Bowyer.  Here are the situations that could terminate Clint’s season.

  • A winless driver this year makes it to victory lane at Richmond this weekend.
  • A really bad result that would let either Kasey Kahne (31) or Aric Almirola (29) catch up the necessary number of points to leapfrog him.

This is just one of the reasons to watch and wager Richmond this weekend.  Watch how Denny Hamlin does.  He has that trick knee that flared up with another torn ACL.  Remember he had this a few years ago and nine days later he roared back to win a race.  For our wagering money, Kyle Busch is as safe as you can get for this race.  Good form going in and he has won four times in twenty starts with thirteen top five finishes.  Good fortune to tailing our free pick and we will see you next time here at APEX NASCAR Betting.