Prepping for 2015 Sprint Cup Series NASCAR

Less than a few weeks to go and Apex NASCAR Betting can do what we came here for.  That is to talk about current races and make all of us money.  While understanding background issues are vital, it is learning the craft of precise motor sports betting that gets our motors running.  Today we are going to look at the upcoming Sprint Cup Series.  What could be some items of note for the upcoming 2015 season?

Boom or Bust for Danica

Her looks and gender combine to make sure that she will always have a ride.  This is one of the last best chances to take down a title this year.  The pole at Daytona is a nice story.  Leading a lap in a race was a major step for women drivers but now is the time for that final push.  Without a win against a NASCAR field, too many people will point to her as promotion and affirmative action.  No winners circle will equate for a bust of her whole year.

NASCAR Tire Girl

Ricky Bobby Theory and a Winless Champ

In non movie terms, Ryan Newman personified this back in 2003.  When he won and he did eight times, he was on top of the world.  However in the pursuit for the checkered flag, he would just as often not finish due to aggressive driving and crashing into others.  Matt Kenseth was consistent and took down the Series despite a lone win.  Now the format focuses more on winning but drivers like Little E and his four wins were eliminated early in November.  We could see a winless champ if the dominoes fall correctly.

Could youth be served this year?  With Jeff Gordon doing a retirement lap all across America, will he be onhand to see his record shattered?  Apex NASCAR Betting really likes the way Kyle Larson took on the field and won the Rookie of the Year award ast year.  He has shown the ability to stay late and all he needs to do is to learn how to win.  With a few more seconds, he will cash it in soon.  He has all year to make good and shatter Jeff’s mark.  All of this and we have not even got to the interesting part which is what we can wager.  We all look eagerly to this season.  Until next time, APEX Nascar Betting wishes you good fortune.