Quaker State 400 Review

This week is a change of pace where we provide a Quaker State 400 Review.  Good Day and welcome back to APEX NASCAR Betting.  Today we will look back at Brad Keselowski’s win on July 9th.  What made this happen?  Why did Martin Truex get all fired up in this race?  This will provide us with perspective to bring forward some valuable lessons in motorsports wagering.  Without any further ado, let us get to the Quaker State 400 at hand here at APEX NASCAR.

Quaker State 400 : Big Bad Brad

Second win in a row and fourth for the season saw Brad Keslewoski feeding off of his momentum.  With repeat drivers dominating the circuit this season, there are five spots up for grabs in the Chase for drivers that do not have a win as of yet.  Grinders like Chase Elliot have to hope this holds form so they can sneak on in.  Meanwhile other bubble brats like Ryan Bradley plummeted to 18th and out of contention right now after a crash with Elliot ended his day early.  This is one of the aspects that new bettors should digest from United Sports Wager’s article on How to Bet Motorsports for future profit.

Martin got Mad

We got to see what a motivated Martin Truex Jr can do here.  Martin was second in the race when he and Kevin Harvick went to pit.  Kevin was the leader and Martin ended up passing him in pit row.  Officials saw this and penalized him right away.  This plummeted him down to 28th in the standings.  Martin fought back and finished in the Top Ten.  The issue for us was not whether or not the ruling was correct.  Instead, it is the fighting spirit displayed here.  We have a grinder to select in future heads up wagering chances because he sticks to it until the bitter end more often or not.

Looking back at the Quaker State 400.  Brad holds onto momentum nicely and 2016 does seem to be his year with four wins.  Martin Truex Jr has a fire in his belly and a willingness to work even when down and out.  Thanks to United Sports Wagering for providing their How to Bet Motorsports article. We shall see you next week with free picks to profit on here at APEX NASCAR Betting.