Pay Per Head 247

Whether you already use a PPH service or you’re looking to start I want to show you why 247 PPH ranks highly in the offshore bookmaking industry. Launched in 2005, 247 PPH has developed a great bookmaking software suite. It has a ton of features, is completely secure and allows almost unlimited customization.

Cost: $10 or Less Per Head

Upon signing up to 247 PPH you’ll receive two weeks of free service. This gives you time to go through the software and I’m positive it’ll exceed expectations. After the free trial period you’ll be offered a payment plan that starts at $10/Head. The price lowers if you have a sizeable player list. Contact a rep at 247 PPH for more information.


Apart from convenience, one of the main reasons someone chooses a PPH provider like 247 PPH is because they can customize everything from the lines to unique player profiles. You can choose to use the odds set by 247 PPH or you can change the line for a specific event or even just for a specific client that’s been winning.

As the bookie you’ll spend a lot of your time analyzing the player management report. On this report you’ll be able to view information on your players plus on any agents you have operating for you. You can view the available balances, money at risk, wager balances, maximum wagers and credit limits. These features can all be customized to your liking.

For a quick view of what you have at risk you can use the agent exposure report. There are also some tools that you won’t find on some software suites such as a player payment manager. Simply input how much you’ve given out on credit to a player and as they pay it down you input the amount and the total will automatically update.

All of the backend tools are great, but I’m sure you’re wondering about what type of markets you’ll be able to offer your players. 247 PPH is the best option if you players bet on football. Every week there are hundreds of markets to bet on for the NFL and CFB including a huge range of player/team props and multiple teaser options.

There are a lot of other sports that you can offer your player base as well ranging from all of the major US sports like the NBA to over twenty soccer leagues around the world. You can decide what markets you offer your players, but the more options you offer the more likely you are to make money on markets with big bookmaker edges.

Some of our clients simply use the sportsbook software for their player base, but at 247 PPH every client will have the choice of adding a racebook and/or casino to their website. The racebook is a nice feature for every level of bookie, but you should restrict certain bet types from the software to ensure no one can hit a huge payout.

All of the financials from the week can be viewed on a nice report. Here you’ll be able to view settled figures, agent adjustments, payments and much more. 247 PPH takes your business online and offers you a robust platform that’s used by hundreds of bookies online today. One benefit of a PPH service is that you can remain anonymous online.

Customer Service

There are no minimums or contracts at 247 PPH. Simply pay as you go each week and increase/decrease your player base however you wish. If you’d like to contact a rep at 247 PPH the best way is through telephone (888-274-7630). The reps all speak English and they’ll be glad to help set you up or answer any questions you may have.