Sponge Bob Invades Kansas and NASCAR Saturday Evening

Sponsorship is the heartbeat for the pulse of many sports.  Most of us are used to odd college football bowl names but now NASCAR has gotten into the money grab.  Toto did not know he was in Kansas when he and racing fans see SpongeBob Squarepants circling the track.  Yes a four hundred mile race dedicated to the lovable cartoon character is set this weekend.  Apex NASCAR Betting will take a look at some of the favorites and our Free Pick for this weekend.

Conflict for Jeff Gordon

When the circuit came to Kansas for the first time last year, Jeff Gordon took home the title.  While this is working for him, his recent result denotes a failing form.  His retirement lap hit a pothole with a 31st placed finish down at the Geico 500.  He even had the pole for that but completely blew up last weekend.  He is a mile behind Harvick in the points setting and is not a favorable wager here.

Top Trio

Our man Martin Truex Jr has been over achieving this season.  He is in between the leader, Harvick, and Little E who was won the last two races.  So do we go with the hot hand at the wheel or Martin with his almost perfect from of nailing top ten finishes.  Saturday evening will settle all the debate but Apex NASCAR Betting has the Free Pick to profit by.

Harvick is easy but his odds as the favorite make it hard to profit week in and week out should he falter.  Jimmie Johnson does not usually fly under the radar but he has coming into this one.  Kansas has not been good for him historically but his form bodes well going into this one.  Our free pick to profit by is Jimmie Johnson in the Top Ten.  Good fortune to us and we will revisit this next week here at APEX NASCAR Betting.