Sports Betting Tips : NASCAR Rule Change 5/28

Some of the better sports betting tips involve rule changes for events that are still a few weeks away.  Good afternoon APEX NASCAR Betting fans.  On this Memorial Day Weekend, we will examine what came down from up on high.  The rules committee are changing some key rules for two upcoming events.  Let us see what they are, for when, and how this will effect our wagering potential here at APEX NASCAR.

Sports Betting Tips : Downforce Change

Here are the venues where key rule changes will be tested.

  • Michigan International Speedway
  • Kentucky Speedway

The first one that pings our radar is the June 11th FireKeepers 400 in Brooklyn, Michigan.  Using this piece about sports betting tips as a foundation, we first choose to see what has changed from the norm in this event.

Rule Changes

  • Length of Spoiler reduction to 2.5 inches
  • Deck Fin has to be the same length as spoiler
  • Splitter is now two inches
  • Aero Package has less downward and side forces
  • Decrease the Skew to zero like the level at the All-Star Race.

What this does is slow down the race!  Especially in the turns, the speed is much less.  This promotes more compact fields with passing and other finesses in play.  This has a definite effect on whom we handicap in our futures as well as heads up wagering potential.  June 11th will be the first event to see this come into play.

Now what could spiral from this is most important.  The NASCAR rules committee is using this as a blueprint for the following.  They want to leave it up to the individual tracks to make tweeks in the rules.  This would like for skill dominated racing at every site dependent on the features of their oval.  While this is catering to the sponsors and sites, the races should not be the runaways we have been seeing.  Good fortune in this news and prepare for the exploitable lines on June 11th with the FireKeepers 400.