2016 Dale Earnhardt Jr Season is Over

NASCAR News has seen the dominant headline of 2016 Dale Earnhardt Jr Season is over.  What are the ramifications for the circuit for not only the remainder of this season but the next?  Great to see everyone here at APEX NASCAR Betting.  We are sad to see his season coming to an end but it

Jeff Gordon at Combat Wounded Coalition 400

Racing fans are rejoicing because Jeff Gordon at Combat Wounded Coalition 400 is a reality this Sunday.  Good Morning and welcome back to APEX NASCAR Betting.  The rumor of Jeff Gordon’s return has come to fruition.  The fabled Brickyard is the backdrop for this NASCAR event.  Will he be a factor or just taking a

Jeff Gordon Back for One More Race? 7/17

A phrase like Jeff Gordan Back for one more race has people wagging their tongues all over social media.  The motorsports legend rode off into the sunset last year into retirement.  However an unusual circumstance might have him behind the wheel one final time.  Good morning and welcome back to APEX NASCAR Betting.  Today, we

Sponge Bob Invades Kansas and NASCAR Saturday Evening

Sponsorship is the heartbeat for the pulse of many sports.  Most of us are used to odd college football bowl names but now NASCAR has gotten into the money grab.  Toto did not know he was in Kansas when he and racing fans see SpongeBob Squarepants circling the track.  Yes a four hundred mile race

Deposit Time For Daytona 500 is Here

Anticipation is a sincere form of flattery.  We have been waiting at our keyboards for this week to arrive.  NASCAR wagering has arrived in earnest with the Daytona 500 taking off this Sunday.  Apex Nascar Betting will be here today and tomorrow to provide coverage, free picks, banter, and rumors.  If your bankroll is running

Prepping for 2015 Sprint Cup Series NASCAR

Less than a few weeks to go and Apex NASCAR Betting can do what we came here for.  That is to talk about current races and make all of us money.  While understanding background issues are vital, it is learning the craft of precise motor sports betting that gets our motors running.  Today we are

Jeff Gordon to Hang It Up After 2015

Racing is coming ever closer but a legend is soon to hang up his racing uniform.  Jeff Gordon has announced that 2015 will be his last.  In other news, NASCAR is opting to exercise their dominion over even more details of the fan’s experience.  Find out what money maker they have placed under control of