Sunday Sylvania 300 Preview

First cut comes in two races and the Sylvania 300 is next one in the marching order.  The Chase for the Sprint Cup continues.  Key in this is the realization that they are seven individuals within a scant seven points of Matt Kenseth.  Will this realization bring a new level of desperation to the 16th

Betting Big on Bristol 8/22

Cutoff lines and jockeying for position gives this late season race more onus than most as only three qualifying events remain.  Briston is the scene for the Irwin Tools Night Race.  Attention has been given to both consistent drivers and those that came into Michigan hot.  However after last weekend, most handicappers are starting the

Consideration for a Chase Darkhorse

Chase for the Sprint cup revs up in earnest in just a few short weeks. Naturally, the name on a lot of lips is Kevin Harvick.  His ultra high level of consistency is what has many pegging him as the favorite going in.  APEX NASCAR Betting has looked over all the candidates and has unearthed

Sponge Bob Invades Kansas and NASCAR Saturday Evening

Sponsorship is the heartbeat for the pulse of many sports.  Most of us are used to odd college football bowl names but now NASCAR has gotten into the money grab.  Toto did not know he was in Kansas when he and racing fans see SpongeBob Squarepants circling the track.  Yes a four hundred mile race

2015 Upcoming With Daytona Less Than 100 Days Away

A new format last year had most of the fans and even some of the old guard applauding the results it generated.  Relevance was increased as more late events took on even greater meaning.  This format should do well in the future as NASCAR looks for ways to peak past the saturation that some feel