Pennsylvania 400 Americas Bookie Free Pick

Pennsylvania 400 Americas Bookie Free Pick seeks to take advantage of the uniqueness of the race course at Pocono.  Great to see you again this weekend at APEX NASCAR Betting.  Jeff Gordon is suiting up again as Dale Earnhardt Jr’s concussion effects are still lingering.  1:30PM start on Sunday sees the broadcast on NBCSN.  With

Previewing Second Season of NASCAR 6/18

Father’s Day provides a much needed break for the drivers.  Now APEX NASCAR Betting is ready to preview the second season.  Sonoma is our launching point next week as it is one of the two road courses on the circuit.  We will look at who needs a win and what dominate driver has fallen off

Harvick Vs JGB to Kick Things Off

  Harvick to Make Statement? Kevin has drawn the line and seems to border around Joe Gibbs Racing.  Why are they in his sights?  When your team takes home eight of the last eleven races then all the other drivers are forced to react to their winning ways.  Chicagoland Speedway is where he will make

Watchlist for Winners in March 2015 NASCAR Wagering

For most, 2015 has been watching Kevin Harvick pass them.  While he is a sound pick to Phoenix, there are three other on our watch list to consider.  This handy go to guide is a valuable asset to lean on until the end of March.  So without any further ado, Apex NASCAR Betting presents those

Dude Where is My Car and What to Bet This Week in NASCAR

Before Ashton Kutcher got A-List movies, he was starring in That 70’s Shows and starring in films to get his name in lights.  One of them was a b comedy revolving around the two “heroes” reconstructing a wild night and attempting to find their ride.  “Dude Where is My Car?” has been a skit on

Deposit Time For Daytona 500 is Here

Anticipation is a sincere form of flattery.  We have been waiting at our keyboards for this week to arrive.  NASCAR wagering has arrived in earnest with the Daytona 500 taking off this Sunday.  Apex Nascar Betting will be here today and tomorrow to provide coverage, free picks, banter, and rumors.  If your bankroll is running

Congrats NASCAR Your Early Races Are More Significant!

A more even effort is going to be seen in 2015 and this is a wonderful thing to behold for those who wager NASCAR.  The new format was a hit since its implementation.  A lot of lessons can be gleaned from it but one of the most important is that the early season will have