Too Much Time In NASCAR’s Offseason

Last edition we looked at potential pitfalls for the sport coming into the 2016 season.  Now implores the leaders of the sport to expand their season.  Reason why is that stories are coming out each week that while they are entertaining are doing little to attract new money to wagering.  Today we will look at the curious case of Patricia Driscoll and how stories about her are starting to border on the incredible.

Notable for Being a WAG

Not many times do the extras on the set get just as much notice as the stars.  Music videos had certainly had the show stolen by their vixens.  Heck even the WWE had AJ Lee whom infatuated the fans so much that ownership made her a general manager on their largest show.  Now in the realm of sports we wager on, Patricia Driscoll was known most of all for being eye candy that Kurt Busch adorned himself with.  Non descript other than her good lucks until a very bad break up took some odd turns.

Kurt Busch WAG

Made its Way to the Courts

Part of the televised court tv empire is based on redneck moments gone wrong. This one certainly  did as Kurt testifies that his ex was a government trained machine capable of crippling him whenever she could choose to do so.  That certainly derailed any hope of serious NASCAR discussion this week.  This all came about from an alleged assault that happened near Labor Day.  He had her on trips leaving with certain clothes to only return in blood soaked tatters of another outfit.  She shared pictures of bodies that would make the directors of the new James Bond film jealous.

Driscoll countered by saying this was all for the creation of a film script she was concocting.  Seven long years for this labor of love she had let Busch in on.  Gossip sites pounced on all of this and actually unearthed a smattering of evidence that might back up Kurt’s claims.  She is the CEO of Frontline Defense Systems.  On their site is her resume which actually has some of the items that bolster Kurt’s worries.  Who knows if Kurt is paranoid or a stooge for believing in this?  One thing is for certain is that this does not help the sport.  Please NASCAR, decrease your downtime so the fans can watch and we can wager on NASCAR.