Top NASCAR Betting Sites

NASCAR isn’t the most common sport to bet on in America. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any sportsbooks that don’t provide a great NASCAR betting experience. We’re going to look at the top NASCAR betting sites.

NASCAR is a very exciting sport to wager. The fast-paced nature of racing will give any bettor a rush. Therefore, if you’re looking to bet the sport, you’ll want to do it on a first-class sportsbook.

Here are some things you should look for in a sportsbook where you’re looking to wager NASCAR.


An Extensive List of Prop Bets

Prop bets in NASCAR are exhilarating because they are so unique. Sportsbooks all have different props when it comes to NASCAR racing that vary drastically. 

Props also contrast depending on the race weekend. A circle track versus a triangle all bring unpredictable props. The best NASCAR sportsbooks give you a multitude of prop choices for racing. 

Even if you don’t like to bet props, this shows that sportsbooks value NASCAR. This is important because you don’t want NASCAR to be an afterthought on a platform that you utilize. 

Prop bets on superior books can focus on a specific car model or who will win the most laps. However, quantity is the main thing you need to look for on a sportsbook when it comes to props.

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The Ability to Bet Small Races

NASCAR runs one event per weekend, which features multiple races. The NASCAR Cup Series race headlines each weekend.

However, there is also an Xfinity Series race and a Camping World Truck Series race most weekends. Since NASCAR events are limited, you should expect the top NASCAR betting sites to give you betting capability for smaller events as well.

You should look for traditional racing bets like fastest lap, pole winner, and race winner. Additionally, you should try to find a book that gives you an immense amount of prop bets for smaller races. 

This will give you multiple chances to capitalize on NASCAR races each weekend. 


A NASCAR season occurs over multiple months. Each race counts for an overall series champion. This makes future betting critical in NASCAR. 

So much can happen over the course of a NASCAR season. Futures provide bettors with an amazing chance for a large payout. You need to find a book that has season champion futures and bets that spread over a shorter period. 

One example of a smaller future bet could be the best racer in a specific month. Like prop bets, you need to look for options when it comes to futures.

Head-to-Head Bets

It’s very tough to pick an outright winner successfully in NASCAR. NASCAR is a sport where anything can happen.

Superior drivers tend to win more races, but NASCAR is unique when it comes to favorites. This is where head-to-head betting comes into play.

Top NASCAR Betting Sites

Head-to-head bets are some of the most common wagers in NASCAR. A head-to-head NASCAR matchups bet will place two drivers against each other. 

This trims a race down and allows you to do less research but still win big. Look for a book that gives you the ability to bet a lot of head-to-head competitions. 

If you look for these qualities in any of the top NASCAR betting sites, you’ll have a tremendous betting experience.