Watchlist for Winners in March 2015 NASCAR Wagering

For most, 2015 has been watching Kevin Harvick pass them.  While he is a sound pick to Phoenix, there are three other on our watch list to consider.  This handy go to guide is a valuable asset to lean on until the end of March.  So without any further ado, Apex NASCAR Betting presents those that are on our radar.

  1. Kevin Harvick  Dominance that has continued from last season propels Kevin to the top of our watchlist.  A win and two near misses is not the only reason to put him here.  Phoenix ha been his own personal stomping ground including winning all the events he raced there last year.
  2. Jimmie Johnson  The style that gets him at the top wears down the physic of his machine.  In particular, he is brutal on his tires.  He lost two events last season directly because of this.  A tweak in attitude or changing the brand might be his best hope at derailing Harvick.
  3. Martin Truex  We place him perhaps a tad too high on just results but we feel the momentum he is building.  Several good weeks in a row have him becoming our go to guy while still getting good odds.
  4. Brad Keselowski  His problems are almost all about his car.  We hardly ever absolve the driver from blame but his ride is so loose.  The speed is there but yet he has gone sideways too many times for it to be his fault.  Too good of a driver whose team needs to improve their act.