What Happens When Qualifying is Washed Out?

Rainy weather has been known to wreck havoc on the NASCAR circuit.  What happens when the patterns hold up for the entire week.  For a second straight week, torrents of rain forced NASCAR’s hand and canceled qualifying.  What is the contingency plan when this occurs?  APEX NASCAR Betting looks at this scenario as it happened for the Quaker State 400 in Kentucky this Friday.

Allen Iverson Would Not Approve

NASCAR makes the option of using a combination of two factors when determining the order when qualifying is wiped out.  First and foremost, the race organizers use the practice times to slot the pole position and the rest of the field.  So for example, Kyle Larson recorded the fastest time in a very short practice round.  This is good enough to garner him the #1 slot.  Owners points might also come into play when the times are very close together or it was deemed that even the practice sessions might not hae een fair.

Into Action

The track was to be subjected to what is known as an open test.  This would allow easier passing with more frequency.  Alas not only was this washed out but Friday morning proved to be problematic as well.  Less than one hour was available for them to turn laps.  Organizers decided to cancel the time trials right then and there.  This irked off such driers as Travis Kapil and Michael McDowell as they would not get to race on Saturday night.  Blaney was not allowed to race for two straight weeks due to the forces of nature conspiring against them.

Blaney had a good time as he had the 16th best in practice.  This is where points and politics came into play.  Wood Brothers Racing only does a limited schedule.  This prevents them from having a high enough season point placement to garner a starting spot.  All in all, this was better than the old systems but someone will always be left on the outside looking in when most of the week gets canceled due to rain.  Tune in  next time to APEX NASCAR as we get back to our profitable Free Picks.