What Is the Best Way to Bet NASCAR?

What is the best way to bet NASCAR you ask? Here’s the answer.

Key Points

– Betting on NASCAR is becoming more popular as bettors discover the value in many of the sport’s wagers

– Like other sports, there are numerous bets on NASCAR races available

What Is the Best Way to Bet NASCAR

There are numerous ways to bet on NASCAR races and the sport is becoming more popular among bettors.

Nearly every weekend of the season (which begins in February and runs to November), there is a race. Each race features a variety of wagers that bettors can take advantage of. 

Here, we address what is the best way to bet NASCAR.

Race Winner

The most common wager in NASCAR is on a driver to win a certain race. Picking the winner is the most popular way to wager at top car racing sportsbooks. It’s similar to picking the individual winner of a professional golf tournament. 

NASCAR is unique though in that the practice week can help bettors handicap a race. Drivers’ lap times and practice speeds are all accessible to bettors and can help in choosing a winner.

What makes betting on a driver to win a race so exciting is that even favorites in a NASCAR race are typically given plus-money odds.

Bettors can usually find a race favorite at +300 or greater. It is not out of the ordinary for a bettor to hit on a race favorite at +1000. 

It is difficult to pick a race winner. You can see that reflected in the odds. There are accidents, engine problems, and pit crew issues that all affect the outcome of a race. Still, picking an outright race winner is the most popular NASCAR wager.


Driver Matchups

While picking an outright race winner can be difficult, bettors can opt for head-to-head driver matchups. Oddsmakers will offer numerous head-to-head matchups like the example below.

Kevin Harvick (-130) vs. Joey Logano (+100)

In this wager, you are only betting on the race between Harvick and Logano. If you like Harvick to place higher, you would bet $130 to win $100. If Harvick finishes fifth and Logano ninth, you win.

Bettors won’t get odds like they can in the race winner market, but they can find value in some head-to-head matchups.

Group Matchups – Best Way to Bet NASCAR

Another great NASCAR betting market is the group matchup. This wager combines NASCAR futures with head-to-head matchups. 

Oddsmakers will select a group of four or five drivers and assign odds to each. The goal for the bettor is to pick the driver that will have the highest finish. Here’s an example.

  • Kurt Busch +160
  • Chase Elliott +300
  • Kevin Harvick +350
  • Martin Truex +375

If you wager $100 on Harvick and he finishes higher than the other three drivers, your bet pays out $300. Harvick doesn’t have to win the race. He only has to finish before each of the other drivers in the group.

Bettors can usually find better value in a group matchup as compared to a head-to-head matchup. 

The best way to bet NASCAR is to find the wagers that offer some value. It’s also up to the individual bettor to find the NASCAR bets that fit.