Why Betting NASCAR is Exciting

If you’re a NASCAR fan, then you already know the excitement of the sport. But it’s important to know betting NASCAR is exciting for fans and viewers alike.

The season lasts for most of the year. Each race has something different to offer and requires different skills. There are 17 teams, more than 40 drivers, and reasons to root for all of them. And like with a football game, each race is its own separate party.


But even if you are a NASCAR fan, you may not truly realize how exciting it is to bet. And if you’re not a fan, betting on NASCAR will probably turn you into one.

Main Betting Flexibility

Because NASCAR betting is less popular than the four major U.S. sports, there are many misconceptions. First and foremost is that betting on NASCAR is limited. You can bet on the race’s winner, and that’s about it.

In reality, top NASCAR sportsbooks offer a multitude of betting types. You can, of course, bet on the race’s winner. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to track. If the driver wins the race, you win your bet. This is the most popular of all NASCAR bets because of these reasons.

You can also bet on which driver will have the fastest lap, regardless of where they finish. Another bet is podium finish, which means your selected driver just needs to finish in the top three.

Most sportsbooks also offer a bet called “Driver Matchup.” Instead of betting NASCAR on the entire field, you bet on the winner of a head-to-head matchup between two drivers.

And finally, if you want to place bets other than on race day, wager on the pole position. This is a good mid-week bet on which driver qualifies the fastest.

There will always be raceday bets to make, but also look into betting NASCAR Cup futures. Putting a couple hundred dollars on a driver to win it all can profit a nice chunk into your betting bankroll.

Live Betting on NASCAR

Live NASCAR betting on any sport offers you something extra from your regular wagering experience. But with hundreds of laps and at least 36 different drivers, live betting on NASCAR is unlike anything else.

The number of possible wagering options isn’t the only advantage to the bettor. You can watch some of the race and see who’s running well before making a bet. Like viewing a horse before putting down your money at the track, live NASCAR betting offers the same advantages.

Live betting is also an excellent way to hedge your pre-race bets. If the driver you wagered on wrecked in lap 25, your day isn’t done with his. You can bet on a different driver, at a different point of the race, and with differing odds. It helps keep you engaged from start to finish, no matter what happens with earlier bets.


Betting NASCAR in a Long Season

There are 38 NASCAR races over the course of ten months. This benefits the bettor in two distinct ways.

First, you have plenty of time to learn about the drivers and the teams, helping you make informed bets. What you don’t know in February, you’ll know by May. How a team performs in certain conditions will populate your knowledge base.

And secondly, if you have a bad betting week, no worries. The drivers will be back at it in a week and the week after that. You never have to go all-in on one race to make it for a bad one.